Don’t Kill Yourself for The Man

It’s no mystery that work slowly kills us.  Unfortunately, it’s not something that we can just drop like a bad habit.  Knowing that, we need to find a reasonable work/life balance.  When working long hours, our health and fitness are the first things to go.  Doing 60+ hours a week is going to take its toll, and let’s face it, who wants to go to the gym after having spent the last 13 hours in the office doing things that make you want to jump out a window.  While you’re on your way home, that stop at Burger King seems so much easier than running to the grocery store to pick something up and THEN having to make it.  How common does this sound to you?

We already have numerous studies showing that people who work more than 10 hours a day are at a heightened risk of heart disease.  Consider the fact that the gym and a healthy diet are the first things to go when we are sticking to a heavy work schedule.  Even the most disciplined and fitness minded individuals are at risk.  Personally, I’ve been doing 12 hour days the past week and can completely see the effect it has.  My daily ritual of spending 90 minutes in the gym has been broken more times than I’d like to admit.  On my way home, I’m considering picking up fast food options I haven’t eaten in years (luckily my willpower overcame this!).  Fortunately, I can get back to my regular schedule soon, but for many people this isn’t an option.

Don’t kill yourself for the man.  Don’t sacrifice your health and well-being for a few extra dollars.  You may rationalize it in your head by telling yourself you are doing it for your families’ benefit.  If you really want to benefit your family in the long-term, get yourself into the gym and take that cheeseburger out of your hand.  You aren’t going to be able to do much good when you’re six feet deep.  Take your health and fitness just as seriously as you take your job, and you will strike a balance that leads to a long and productive life.


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