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Visit to add yourself to our mailing list.  We’ll keep you in the loop about updates on the site and let you know when we’re about to launch.  Share It Fitness is out to change the health and fitness industry by making knowledgable professionals from all disciplines available for a fraction of their “real world” price.  We do this without sacrificing the personalization or care receieved.  You are not just a number, but a client with real life goals, problems, and questions.  In addition we are placing a virtual fitness studio in each members’ home.  Don’t have time to make it to the pilates studio today…take a live pilates class on Share It Fitness.  Don’t want to pay 15 bucks a pop for a bootcamp session?  Pay only $5 on Share It Fitness and have it lead live by a trainer to professional athletes.  Don’t have time to make one of our live classes….ShareItFitness ONdemand is your backup plan.  Never miss a workout again due to time or money constraints.


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