Miranda Kerr’s Workout

Want to look like a Victoria Secret model?  Try the same workout Miranda Kerr uses and I can almost guarantee you will (just kidding).  Really though, this is a high-intensity, circuit workout that helps keep her in top shape.  Miranda usually spends about 90 minutes in the gym, 4 days a week.  If you don’t have time for that, try spreading it out over 6 days.  Miranda always begins with a 15 minute sprint/jog session to get her heart rate up.  Try jogging for 2 minutes, then sprinting as hard as you can for 30 seconds.  Repeat until 15 minutes are up.  As she moves over to the jump rope, her trainer makes sure the intensity stays high.  She’ll do 5 minutes of regular jump rope, followed by 5 minutes of advanced jump roping.  Advanced jump roping includes double skips, one-legged jumps, and knee tucks. 

Miranda always makes sure to add a resistence component to her routine.  Her trainer says that by adding weights to the routine, Miranda is able to build muscle and keep her metabolism high.  She will do snatches, in ladder form.  What this means is she’ll lay out 4 dumbbells in increasing weight.  She’ll start with the first and do 1 rep, then move on to the next heaviest and repeat.  Once she’s done all four, she starts back at the lowest weight and does 2.  She repeats this process until she has worked her way up to 10 reps for each weight.  The focus of this is not just on resistance training, but on the cardio aspect as well.  She moves fast and takes little breaks during the ladder snatch drill. 

From here she will spend 20 minutes working exclusively on the lower body.  Miranda is able to completely target her lower body with just one barbell and a few weights.  She combines barbell squats, barbell lunges, barbell reverse lunges, and box jumps to make up her lower body routine.  She does 3 sets of 12 for each and takes just 30 seconds of rest between each set.

Miranda repeats her jump rope drills for another 10 minutes at this point.  All the while she is keeping up the pace and seldom taking breaks.  The goal of a circuit training routine is to keep the heart rate high.  This burns a massive amount of calories and vastly improves cardiovascular capabilities.

From here it’s back onto the treadmill.  Although this time, the incline is bumped up to at least 15 degrees.  Miranda will spend 3 minutes sprinting using the HIIT method, 6 minutes walking, and 6 minutes walking backwards.  This is the final piece of her exercise plan and is sure to completely wear even the most fit individual out.

To recap:

  • 15 minutes: Jog/sprint – sprint 30 seconds, jog 2 minutes, repeat.
  • 10 minutes: Jump rope – 5 minutes regular jumping, 5 minutes advanced jumping technique
  • 20 minutes: Ladder snatches – see above for description
  • 20 minutes: Lower body work – BB squats, BB lunges, BB reverse lunges, box jumps
  • 10 minutes: Jump rope – 5 minutes regular jumping, 5 minutes advanced jumping technique
  • 15 minutes: Inclined treadmill (at LEAST 15 degrees) – 3 minutes sprinting, 6 minutes walking, 6 minutes walking backwards

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  1. Body Workout 101 on

    Miranda Kerr's Workout « ShareitFitness.com…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. robin on

    what if you are already naturally skinny( my bmi is like 16,5) but you want to tone your legs to make them look a bit fuller( if i do cardio i lose weight)

    • Emma on

      You should try to do more weights then you do cardio, (cardio is really good even if your BMI is so low cause the cardio is good for your heart and for body to stay healthy). Just do more weights then you do cardio….. You should try boxing, that is really good for lean and strong muscles. Maybe you should eat a little bit more too? Like good stuff such as green lean vegetables (cale, broccoli, spinach etc..) That will help you bild muscles (they do actually contain a lot of protein.. Check out the Raw food diet. That diet will help you balance your bodyweight to a normal BMI. I have been eating Raw food for 6 months now and I workout 6 days a week! I have SOOO MUCH energi and I feel sooo good!!! I am model so I have to be 100% sure how I should eat so I have a lot of energi on sets and runways. Raw Food and Working out give me that tool. =) Good luck!!!

  3. Beth on

    what if you have more muscular thighs from playing sports (volleyball) and want to tone them down some?

    • Jess on

      I would love an answer to this as well. Muscular thighs and glutes that I can’t seem to trim since playing basketball in college.

  4. Mary on

    I’m curious as to how any person (even the most elite athlete) can sprint full out for 3 minutes. Fast-twitch muscles (your sprinting muscles) usually only can withstand 45-60 seconds of full sprinting. I question the validity of this article.

    • ShareItFitness on

      Hey Mary,

      Thanks for catching that. What should have been stated was…”Miranda does 3 minutes of sprinting using the HIIT method…” As you may know, the HIIT method involves short bursts of activity followed by a slower pace, repeated over a time frame. Thanks for catching out slip up!

  5. taylor on

    similar to crossfit wods!

  6. Zi on

    What if I just want to lose some belly fat and not any weight?

    • ShareItFitness on

      Well, fat has mass, so it’s impossible to lose something with mass, and not lose….mass. On top of that, you can’t simply spot tone. Doing crunches, etc. isn’t going to burn your stomach fat. The best way to lose that belly fat is to eat right and incorporate high-intensity cardio training into your routine. If you are concerned about maintaining a specific weight, increase your weight training to put on muscle mass.

  7. kiki on

    How about her diet? Im sure she has a really strict eating plan to keep her body in that top of shape… Even though this workout would be a KILLER, i wonder what else she does…?

    • Hannah R on

      If you google the Miranda Kerr diet, you will find her own website. She eats only clean foods, and is a vegetarian. No sugar either.

  8. porzadne strony on

    I’m totally in love with this blog!

    • ShareItFitness on

      Thanks for the love! If you enjoy the blog, you’ll absolutely love our full website launching soon! shareitfitness.com You can sign-up there to be notified when we do in-fact launch and get sneak-peak access! Tell your friends!

  9. Claudia Rengal on

    Thanks for the nice post. I added you to digg. Keep up the hard work.

  10. Ally on

    i am also a little confused since, she is very much into yoga and does that everyday even during her pregnancy. How did you find out how she works out? Does she do this as well as practice yoga? it’s still a great idea for a workout, really challenging.

    • ShareItFitness on

      Hey Ally, while I can’t speak if she did this routine during her pregnancy, I did work with her old personal trainer in LA, and this was the routine they most often did. As far as if she still does it…that I can’t answer. Hope that helps!

  11. fitness | Pearltrees on

    […] If you liked this post, subscribe to our blog so you receive all of our expertly written health, fitness, and workout articles. Also, sign up at shareitfitness.com to be given preferred access when we launch in March 2012! Miranda Kerr’s Workout « ShareitFitness.com […]

  12. […] Fashion Show last week. I wonder why? Ha-ha. I found Miranda Kerr’s weekly workout on Sharieitfitness. It’s no cake-walk. She works hard and eats a healthy balanced diet to achieve her slender […]

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