Warning Signs You Cannot Ignore

Many of the following warning signs are the result of lack of proper nutrition and/or exercise.  To avoid the warning signs (and the illnesses they signal) begin a basic workout routine that gets you moving at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week.  In addition, educate yourself about nutrition and set yourself on the path to success.

Warning Sign #1:  You have a racing heart yet you aren’t engaging in physical activity.  What it may suggest:  Heart Attack

Warning Sign #2:  You experience dizziness upon getting out of bed in the morning.  Typical Cause:  Low blood pressure.

Warning Sign #3:  Your bruises take forever to go away.  Possible Cause:  Diabetes. 

Warning Sign #4:  Your father has been diagnosed with hypertension.  What’s likely in store for you:  The same.

Warning Sign #5:  Your waist line has ballooned to 42 inches.  Likely side effect: Impotence.

Warning Sign #6:  You are losing weight like never before…and you aren’t even trying.  Possible cause:  Cancer.

Warning Sign #7:  You are gasping for breath even when you aren’t exercising.  May be a sign of:  Pulmonary embolus.

Warning Sign #8:  Blurred vision, headache, and dizziness for an extended period of time.  Possibly the result of:  High blood pressure.

Warning Sign #9:  You are out of breath after walking up just a single flight of stairs.  Typical cause:  Poor cardiovascular endurance due to lack of exercise.


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