250lbs Woman Vs. 120lbs Woman

Pretty remarkable illustration.  Notice the inflammation of the internal organs.  The lower bone density.  The buckling of the knee joints.  The higher proportion of toxic waste stuck in the gastrointestinal tract.  The fatty heart.  The lower percentage of muscle.  The massive amounts of body fat around the midsection.  The list could go on and on.  If this doesn’t make you want to lose weight, I don’t know what will.

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  1. chaseideas on

    Wow!! The difference is remarkable. Definitely motivation to get back into shape sooner rather than later!!

    • Mario Robleto on

      Yeah it is pretty scary actually. You always here about this and that about what happens to your body as you gain weight but seeing it is a whole other story.

  2. […] if that weren’t motivation enough to keep myself on track, I read this blog post this afternoon. Talk about some motivation to get the weight off … WOW! I spent some time […]

  3. themansf on

    Definitely motivation for removing the a** from the couch!

  4. Judy Harper on

    Thanks what an eye opener.. motivating.

  5. kaylia on

    actually… those with higher levels of fat have a higher percentage of musculature because they have to carry that extra weight around. that picture obviously demonstrates that from the biceps to the deltoids.

    • francis on

      Im assuming a little overweight?

      • B-Slap on

        It actually just says lower percentage. I’d say the ratio of fat to muscle is definitely higher in the overweight woman.

  6. opticcell on

    Most large woman are actually weaker from what I have noticed. The decrease in muscle is part of the reason why they are obese in the first place.

    Surely the legs must be stronger. But I have seen 100lb woman out bench 200lb woman most the time. Btw to see this in action looks pretty weird as you can imagine.

  7. Kiotha on

    Is it an illustration?

    • shareitfitness on

      Nope, those are actual medical images.

      • Ashley on

        This looks like it’s from a book or magazine. Would you share where you got these images from, and the documentation of who took them in the first place?

  8. Med student on

    I doubt the veracity of these pics. Fat people tend to have a higher bone density because bone density response the weight bearing and well…you see my point

  9. Alison on

    can i see one of a person whos underweight i’m 99lbs and 5’8″

  10. Tom on

    This illustrates the classic “metabolic syndrome” which leads to a whole bunch of problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, high risk for stroke, not to mention the health care costs associated with.

    • JM on

      I doubt if you are 5foot 2 and 160 pounds you are healthy. theres no way.

  11. Ashley on

    Insinuating that every woman needs to be 120 lbs to be healthy is a bitch move, at the very least. The healthy goal weight is variable. A woman can be perfectly healthy at 160 lbs just as well as she can be perfectly healthy at 190 lbs. Don’t let your judgments of health come from the media.

    • Kim on

      Well put, Ashley. They need to include height with the weight in their illustrations to demonstrate an accurate point.

  12. Ashley on

    Pfff, that should have been 160 vs 120. My bad. Sorry y’all. ❤

  13. ShareItFitness on

    @Ashley….No one said every woman needs to be 120 pounds in order to be healthy. I have absolutely no idea where you got that from. What we did do was show how unhealthy the body scan of a 250 pound woman is. 250 is clearly a big difference from the 160 you used in your comparison….

  14. GAINFitness on

    There’s a fundamental difference between being 160/250 and being overweight. 160/250 is an absolute number and honestly, by itself means nothing. What matters is the relationship between your weight and your body; if the two do not match then you are considered “overweight”.

    The comparison point of these two pictures, for it to be a real comparison, has to have the same basis; women with both the same height, similar body structure (aside from the weight), etc.

    Apples to apples, as they call it.

  15. Ron on

    What are the things in the brain of the overweight women?

    • Zook on

      I think the 2 spheres you’re referring to are actually Burrito’s. Also – is her ankle about to break? Geez!

  16. Zaloh on

    What’re the two circles in the brain? They resemble fat, but.. that’s just freaky.

  17. yogabyandrea on

    Wow – Scary and very informative! I think more people need to realize how many systems are impacted by obesity and that losing weight and staying in shape is not just about looking good!!!

  18. Rebecca Jackson on

    all that viceral fat around the vital organs is enough to make me stay fit and healthy. looking at that not only is it unsightly but its seriously dangerous to your health.

  19. Amanda Brown on

    This image would certainly be an eye opener for some people and you would hope it motivates them forchange. A similar scan done called a Dexa scan which doesn’t show as much detail with the internal organs but does give you a breakdown of muscle and fat in kilos per body part and also shows bone density for woman. It can be very motivating for my Personal Training clients to do this every 8 weeks and see a true image of their body changing from good diet and training.

  20. Shawn on

    These are two different people, right? Therefore there will be some inherent differences in the 2 pictures, bone density, arm length, whether the eyes show up in the picture, joint angles, But the legs of the 250 lb. person…ouch.

  21. Romall Smith on

    wow i was big at one point and trust me this is how it is, very good post

  22. kenm on

    b.s. … two random examples (especially big woman w/posture issue) does not speak to any scientific conclusion. as expert in big women (that’s right, author, tv guest, bbw photographer, site owner, been w/ many 100’s of “real women”, scientist, nutritionist, bodybuilder, etc.) big women can commonly have much more muscle, be just as athletic (one gf “world” champion strength athlete, another heavyweight olympic rower), flexible, etc as their twiggy counterpart. latest health studies show larger females longevity same as smaller women, and not uncommon for thin women to delay surgery to gain weight. you want unhealthy, check w/millions of females on constant diet to lose 5-10 lbs trying to meet size 0-6 dress sizes. wake up america, we are killing the quality of life of our females w/unrealistic expectations. larger females have better self-acceptance, in general, because they understand they will never be like that.

  23. Tatianna on

    I think it’s all about how a person feels. People should want to loose weight because they want to feel better, and image like this can only make someone feel terrible. But the inspiration to actually do something about it has to come from the inside.

    • ShareItFitness on

      This illustration is not made to make anyone feel terrible but to show the effect extra weight has on your insides. Seeing this image should make people realize they WILL feel better physically when they lose weight.

  24. Maria Shellyn MISTY Chua on

    Hi! This is interesting and informative. What kind (or name of) scan was used for this? Where can I have my body scanned?

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