The Body Burn Workout Challenge

Think body weight only can't burn?
Think body weight only can’t burn?
Have you ever realized how much of a challenge a body weight only workout can be?  If you’re like me, you may have shunned doing body weight only training.  You may have thought “real progress” couldn’t be made without weights.  Over time, I grew to see body weight training not only had its merits – it was downright effective when paired with an awesomely effective cardio/strength workout plan.
As my mindset changed, so did my training.  What you see below is a product of this new way of thinking and training.  I put together six body weight only exercises, each with a different focus and intensity.  The way these exercises were paired up allows for a complete, total body workout, while utilizing the high-intensity nature of circuit training.  This format allows for limited rest breaks, which ensures your heart stays pumping in that perfect calorie and fat burning zone.
Feel free to throw this fat blasting workout challenge into your total fitness plan once or even twice a week.  Substitute it for cardio days, but be prepared for one hell of a challenge.
The Body Burn Workout Challenge
10 rounds of:

60 second rest



4 thoughts on “The Body Burn Workout Challenge”

  1. I’m going to try this workout. I love body weight workouts because I can do them in my home with no equipment. The real test will be if I can make it through the workout without getting dizzy from my medicine. Thanks!

    1. Definitely make sure your doctor says it’s okay – you don’t want to pass out after this workout! But assuming he gives you the go ahead, I think you’ll really enjoy this workout – it’s fantastic for helping you burn serious calories in a hurry. Let us know what you think of it!


  2. I have been struggling to stay on track.. with two young children and being a stay at home mom, getting to a gym is close to impossible, and although videos have been successful, I get bored, fast. this workout is fast and effective and is fun to get my kids involved with. thank you.

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