Spiderman Pushup

Spiderman pushups are a great way to work your upper body and core.  Unlike traditional pushups they work much more than just your pecs and shoulder muscles.  By bringing the legs into the body as you lower yourself you are stimulating the muscles in the abdominals, hips, and upper legs.  Add a few sets of these to your workout to shock your body and create a soreness you will be feeling for days.

The first variation is the standard.  Try to begin with these.  If these are too much for you to handle, try the easier version below.

This is a modified spiderman pushup.  If balancing is too difficult at first, give this variation a try.  Within a couple weeks you should be able to move up to the standard spiderman pushup.

If you are a well-trained athlete you should be trying to use an advanced variation of the spiderman pushup.  By sliding the hands forward you are putting more stress on the pectoral and abdominal muscles.  Key stabilizer muscles will really get a workout with this variation.


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