5 Reasons Your Fitness Plan Fails

Reason #1: Failure To Identify Goals!
You cant expect to go anywhere fast if you dont know where youre going. There are simple solutions to this problem. Sit down with a pen and paper and list goals before you begin training. This will help you avoid spending hours at the gym doing the wrong exercises. Identify goals that point in the right direction instead of wasting time.

Reason #2: Lack Of Proper Instruction!
Weve all seen that gym rat wandering from station to station, month after month, looking as if he hasnt made any progress. You dont want to be that guy… or girl. Educate yourself. Use pre-tested exercise programs. Read a book or two. Get into some magazines. Learn something about working out so you dont go aimlessly from machine to machine and exercise to exercise.

Reason #3: Failure To Start Slowly!
There are those people who are overzealous at the start, but later their motivation diminishes. You need to spread your enthusiasm out so you start gradually. Rely on small pushes instead of big steps. Walk before you run. Then mix in a minute or two of jogging each time you walk. Gradually increase your jogging little by little. Before you know it, youll be jogging a half hour at a time. Tiny pushes are the way to avoid starting out too fast.

Reason #4: Lack Of Time To Devote To Exercise!
This is a hard one to overcome. Its really the failure to prioritize your workout above everything else. You need to take a closer look at how much time you really need. Yes, exercising four to five times a week for 30 minutes will get you big results, but you will also see some results by investing less time than that. Save the excuses for your boss, but be honest with yourself. Put together a set of basic equipment (dumbbells, bench, body weights) to eliminate the travel time of going to a gym. You dont need a lot of equipment to workout at home.

Reason #5: Poor Eating Habits!
You dont expect your car to respond to the wrong fuel, so how can you expect your body to respond to the wrong food? You should be following a meal plan with a strong nutritional balance. Failure to eat right when training intensely can result in the loss of muscle. The solution is following a healthy plan, like efitness. You should be reading labels and avoiding extreme diets. Stay in the middle of the road.

Article Via Howtobefit.com


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