Keep Those Muscles Guessing

There are countless ways to mix up a weight training routine.  From the overweight 60-year old woman to the professional body builder, the goal is to continually confuse the muscles.  When muscles are trained with the same or similar stimulus for an extended period of time, they adapt and gains become non-existant.  By mixing things up you throw the muscle for a loop and make it work much harder against the stimulus. 

Any personal trainer worth his salt should have a huge variety of ways for you to mix up your training.  If you are training on your own, you should expect to change a routine every 4-6 weeks to maximize muscle growth and all the benefits that come with it, i.e. fat loss. 

The key to continual muscle confusion is hitting the muscle from a different angle, at varying weights, with varying repetitions and sets.  It’s all about keeping your routine as fresh as possible.  In my own gym, I see the same people doing the exact same lifts, the exact same way they have been doing them since last yaer.  This is simply a waste of time.

Understandably, not everyone is well-versed in exercise science as others.  Wondering how to change up a routine is often one of the biggest guesses a person may have.  No longer do you have to play guessing games in the gym.  Share It Fitness has you covered; try this workout strategy when it’s time for you to change up your current routine.

The 12-12-10-8 method works really well.  This works especially well if your muscles are used to doing 3 sets per exercise.  In the first two sets you are performing 12 repetitions apiece.  Keep the weight about 70% of your 1 rep max, i.e. if your bench press max is 225, you should be performing 12 sets with roughly 160lbs.  Bump the weight up to 80% of your max on the next set of 10 repetitions.  Follow this by a set at 90% of your max for 8 reps. 

You want to follow the 12-12-10-8 method for each and every exercise.  This is guarenteed to get you over a plateau and keep your muscles growing.  Just keep in mind, while the gains are going to be significant at first, they will slowly taper off as they will with any program.  After 4-6 weeks is up, come back to Share It Fitness for another way to keep those muscles guessing.


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