Workout Like Tiger

Although Tiger Woods has been in the headlines recently, it has not been for his famous golf swing. But, what makes this golfer’s endurance and strength at the top of his game? In Fitness magazine Woods describes his workout routine as more intense than anyone would believe. While scheduling his workouts around time with his family, Tiger engages in workouts that can last up to 3 hours, 6 days a week. To find out more here is an in depths look at Wood’s fitness regiment that has enabled him to maintain the number 1 status in the world of golf.

Keith Kleven, Wood’s personal trainer proclaimed, “pound for pound, I put him with any athlete in the world.” Tiger Woods has added nearly 30 pounds of muscle to his body since he first started out in the golf world back in 1996. Kleven works hard with Woods and says that his resistance for repetitions is extremely high – higher than most athletes he has seen.

Tiger Woods routine starts with 40 minutes of stretching, core exercises, and running for 7 miles, and/or speed running for 3 miles. Woods claims that he has never hurt himself in the weight room or developed an ego with his training. He says he doesn’t even know what it feels like to have an injury resulting from weight lifting. He claims, “I’ve been sore but I’ve always been able to function and do whatever I wanted to.” He has a great attitude when it comes to gym, and says that its best to listen what your body is telling you, and push it when it needs to be pushed. So many people over push solely from ego and the result is injury.

In the weight room Woods uses smaller weights with higher repetitions, but his trainer Kleven claims he is off the charts when it comes to how much he can actually lift. Especially for a golfer, Kleven sees more reps at higher levels of endurance from Woods than in any other golfers. He claims his resistance to be higher than the norm. Kleven also focuses on balance and posture with Woods. Now that you know some of Tiger’s tricks, can you swing a club like Tiger Woods can?

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