Health and Fitness by the Numbers

Americans who are unaware they have high cholesterol: 60.4%

Americans classified as “obese”: 60,000,000

American women between 20-74 who are considered obese: 33%

Persons living in Japan who are considered obese: 3.2%

Number of limbs amputated due to diabetic condition in 2004: 71,000

Life expectancy of a 40 year old, obese American man: 64 years old

Life expectancy in Tajikistan: 64.1

Cost of obesity in America, since 2001: $1,323,000,000,000 (trillions)

Cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001: $985,722,930,000 (billions)

Male body part the overwhelming majority of women cite as the biggest eye-catcher: Abs

Coronary heart disease deaths in 2006:  831,272

Stroke, accidents, flu, homicide, diabetes, AIDS, drug overdose, respiratory disease, dog attacks, suicide, terorrist attacks, hospital errors, colon cancer, leukemia, skin cancer, brain cancer, drunk driving  deaths combined: 714,376

Minimum number of deaths of coronary heart disease that were completely preventable : 415,500

Muscles in the human body: 650

Fattest state:  Mississippi

Fittest state: Colorado

Life expectancy in blue zones: 91

Calories in one pound of body weight: 3,500

Calories burned running one 10 minute mile: 128

Chili’s Quesadilla Explosion Salad:  1,400 calories, 90 grams of fat

Grams of fat in 1 stick of butter: 91

Average number of articles in a monthly men’s health magazine: 28

Average number of articles in a monthly men’s health magazine that have simply been reworded from a previous month: 21

Years added to average life expectancy as a result of daily exercise: 4

People who practice yoga in the US: 16 million

Average cost of a yoga session in the US: $12

Cost of a live yoga session on Share It Fitness: $5

People who buy exercise equipment and never use it: 45%

Diseases prevented by exercising 4 days a week:  Hundreds


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