Organic: Always better?

Let’s face it, buying organic foods is expensive.  Often times the costs will be double the price of their regularly produced counterparts.  Nonetheless, attempting to avoid pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals used on our foods is a smart decision to make.  While the industry would like you to believe that ALL organic products are immensely better and safer than non-organic, this simply isn’t true.  Below is a list of items that you should ALWAYS buy organic and a list  of items you don’t need to worry about buying organic.

Peaches and Nectarines: These fruits have large doses of pesticides given their fragile nature.  Their very thin skin allows the pesticides to seep into the fruit body.  These should be your number one fruit you always buy organic.

Apples:  Apples come in a close second.  The pesticides found on apples during testing is always sky high.

Bell Peppers:  This is the number one vegetable to buy organic.  Their thin skin easily allows chemicals to enter the inside.  In addition bell peppers are amongst the most heavily sprayed of all produce.

Celery:  Given the fact celery doesn’t even have a protective outer layer, this is one vegetable that needs to be purchased organically all the time. 

Strawberries:  Always high on the list as an organic priority.  Strawberries are a delicate fruit and require large amounts of pesticides and fungicides.  Their thin skin is permeable to all of these harsh chemicals.

Cherries:  Another fruit that rates highly on the chemical contamination list.

Lettuce and Spinach:  Very potent pesticides are used on these two leafy greens. Always go organic.

Imported Grapes:  Grapes from overseas almost always have higher chemical contamination than domestic.  Due to their highly permeable skin, even peeling grapes won’t eliminate the chemical presence.

Pears:  Pears also show a very high level of contaminants.

Coffee:  Regular coffee is highly dependent upon pesticides and herbicides.  The majority of coffee is grown in countries that have very lax pesticide control as well.

Baby Food and Juice:  Organic is always best for small children whose bodies are highly sensitive to outside pollutants.

Safe Organic Foods – Packaged foods such as pasta, chips, breads, oil, canned fruits and vegetables typically don’t have to be purchased organically.  The difference in safety and nutrition is non-existant and no reason can be given to justify the added costs.

Pineapple, mango, banana, kiwi, papaya, blueberries, watermelon.

Onions, avocado, sweet corn, eggplant, sweet peas, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli.


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