Plyometric Cardio Game

Here is a genuine attempt to make your cardio slightly more fun and engaging.  Get yourself a deck of cards, keeping Jokers in the deck.  Face cards are worth 10, Jokers 20, everything else should be self explanatory. 

Take 3 cards at a time, and add them up.  For instance King + 8 + Ace = 28.  Do 2 sets of 28 reps of the first exercise listed below.  Add the cards back to the deck, reshuffle, and pull three more.  Do this for all 9 exercises.  Give yourself a 45 second break between sets and a 1 minute break between exercises. 

  • 2 sets of jump squats
  • 2 sets of jumping jacks
  • 2 sets of burpees
  • 2 sets of jump rope (total card number should be seconds you jump rope)
  • 2 sets of mountain climbers
  • 2 sets of side to side foot switches
  • 2 sets of box jumps
  • 2 sets of 20 foot sprints (begin from a runner’s starting position and sprint all out for 15 feet, stop, turn around, and repeat)

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