Share It Fitness Pro Bio – Chef Matt Berardi

Chef Matt Berardi is the newest member to join the Share It Fitness team.  He’s a graduate of one of the top culinary schools in America.  He spends his time cooking for a catering business, doing in home dinner parties, and personal training at Fulcrum Surf Studio.  Chef Matt is an expert at building culinary delights off the practical information our dietitians offer to each client.  Chef Matt will be leading various classes, giving instruction, and creating detailed recipes and menus for his clients on Share It Fitness.  Through his classes and instruction, Chef Matt is here to show that a person doesn’t need to be a graduate from a top culinary school to create healthy, restaurant quality meals in their own home.

From Chef Matt Berardi:

Who’s hungry for something healthy?  My name is Chef Matt Berardi and I love to share delicious yet nutritious recipes.  From chipotle, basil, and caramelized onion chicken tacos to grilled mahi topped with spicy tomatillo salsa, to me it’s all about the healthy, flavorful dishes that are inexpensive and easy to make.   

Food is all about flavor, and trust me butter and salt help, but let me show you how to change your style up a little. Making healthy food choices is the first and most important step in a lifestyle change and it’s something you can do in the comfort of your own home. I can teach you several easy to follow, simple nutritional cooking techniques that will ensure your meals will not be lacking in flavor because they focus on locking in the natural flavors of the food.   

Think about a perfectly seared chicken breast stuffed with spinach, garlic, smoked Gouda cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes.  Or a diamond grilled New York strip steak served over a roasted corn and veggie medley with rosemary red bliss potatoes.   

The possibilities are endless, and I want to share them with you.  As a top graduate from The Academy of Culinary Arts, and a proud member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association, I am here to help you create a new menu.   

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