Women and the “Bulk” Myth

Ladies, it’s time for a wake up call.  This goes out to all the women who avoid hitting the weights because of a misguided concern that lifting weights = going to look bulky.  First off, women are not genetically coded to develop big, bulky muscles.  It’s not in your DNA.  Understand that first and foremost.  Unless you are taking steroids or HGH, or use a bodybuilder’s workout and diet (think 4,000 calories a day) you have no reason to worry about getting a man body. 

A healthy lifestyle is backed by muscular tone and strength.  The benefits of added muscle are numerous, but in order to get that muscle we need to also examine another bad habit a lot of women have.  They think if they just lift the 5 lb pink dumbbells, they will get the benefits of weight training without the bulky look.  To be perfectly frank, you are simply wasting your time.  Those tiny weights aren’t affecting much, and certainly aren’t heavy enough to spur new muscle growth. (I’d be willing to bet your purses weigh more than some of you are lifting at the gym).  You want to physiologically change your muscles when you work out, therefore you need heavier weights.  Your muscles need to be challenged in order to grow.  Go heavier on the weights and rest soundly knowing that the low levels of testosterone in your body will prevent you from adding the bulk.

We all have different bodies, but most women want that “pilates body” look.  Lean, toned, low body fat…you all know what we’re talking about.  Do you think the women with these toned bodies are just born that way?  Yes, I know what you are all thinking…there are a few lucky women like this out there that don’t work out and eat whatever they want.  Don’t let yourselves think THAT is the norm, it isn’t.  For 99.9% of the world, WEIGHT training is the best way to achieve that toned, healthy look.

Aside from the aesthetic benefit, there are two other  huge reasons why you need to start weight training today.

  • Added muscle tissue increases metabolism and the number of calories burned at rest.  For the woman who weight trains, she will be burning more calories while sleeping, for instance, than her counterpart who is too afraid of bulking up to lift a weight.  Obviously, more calories burned = more weight lost = less body fat.  Lifting weights lowers body fat, period.
  • Heavy lifting helps you avoid osteoporosis.  Lifting weights puts stress on muscle, ligaments, tendons, and bones, which in turn makes them stronger and less likely to break down. 


It’s time once and for all to get past the misguided and unproven fears about lifting weights.  Get in there and start a weight training program and become amazed at how your body transforms.  Get it though your head that lifting heavy weights will NOT make your legs, arms, back, etc. bigger and manly….only toned, shaped, and tight.  The only thing you have to lose by getting started today is body fat and fear.


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