Top 5 Places to NOT get Your Health Information From…

  1. People that look good.  Sure, they may have a perfect body, but they may not have anything close to perfect health and fitness lifestyles.  What works for one person may not work for another.  A very large part of what works and what doesn’t is based on genetic code.  There are great looking people out there who never work out and eat ice cream for dinner.  You wouldn’t take their advice would you?
  2. Fitness Magazines.  These are probably the worst offenders on the planet.  Aside from paraphrasing their own articles countless times (think about it, how many times have you seen “Lose that stomach fat for good!” on a women’s health mag) they are also sponsored by huge supplement corporations.  The writers lack full creative freedom and required to make sponsors happy by suggesting certain diets and exercise routines.  The articles lack any depth and specificity as they are trying to appeal to the largest group possible.
  3. Personal Trainers.  Not all, but most.  Look for a trainer that has an advanced degree, several certifications, and experience training a variety of individuals.  But don’t be fooled, many certifications (even the biggest ones) are easily obtainable.  Often times, it’s a matter of cramming for the test, then forgetting everything they read.  Personal trainers are a dime a dozen…finding a really great one is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  4. Sales People.  I’m sure this goes without saying.  They have one thing in mind; sales commission.  Don’t take nutritional advice from the meat head at GNC. Please.
  5. The Internet.  That is, except for Share It Fitness (self-serving plug; we have no shame).  Seriously though, the internet is full of wackos and people trying to get rich quick.  Picking and choosing which information to believe is hard.  There are often conflicting articles and advice from seemingly credible sources.  Do yourself a favor and avoid things where people are trying to sell you products too hard.  The sources that know they are credible don’t have to shove it down your throat…they know their methods work.

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  1. Suzanne on

    Omg! Where ARE you supposed to get your info from then? 😉 I get frustrated when people say not to trust trainers. I’m a newbie but I’m learning more every day… If no one allowed me to train them I’d never get any experience! I care more than most do and have an extremely approachable, friendly manner that people really appreciate. I will never have a degree in exercise science, much less an advanced degree. But I am continuing my certifications. There are some trainers with these credentials that have horrible personalities or don’t care! Finally, and then I’ll stop my rant, I do trust Oxygen magazine. It has it’s faults but is the most accurate among women’s mags.

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