Sport Specific Workouts

Virtually every sport on the planet, men’s or women’s, requires strength to maximize your performance.  Years ago, coaches and trainers believed weight lifting added unnecessary weight to the athlete, resulting in diminished speed and agility.  On the contrary, the benefits of strength training to the athlete are enormous.  It is a necessity for power athletes like football players or wrestlers, as well as endurance athletes like runner’s and soccer players. 

Unlike bodybuilders who are simply aiming to increase the size of every muscle, athletes need refined and detailed workouts to help them achieve their goals.  An effective sport specific workout routine consists of four main parts: weight training, plyometrics, cardio, and diet.  By finding the balance between these elements, you are able to unlock hidden potential you never knew you had.

Explosive power, muscular endurance, and maximized strength, or some combination of all three are found in almost every sporting event.  Whether you are a high school athlete or just a guy wanting to step up his game on the pick-up basketball court, sport specific workouts are the way to go.  Maximize your time in the with a detailed plan that will benefit you the most.

At Share It Fitness, we design month long sport specific workout plans for a variety of sports.  The workouts are never generic, and vary month to month, to keep your body guessing what’s coming next.  We target the four key points of any successful sport specific workout routine to help you achieve your goals.  In addition, we have high-level athletes on staff to offer guidance.  For example, NFL athletes, professional soccer players, professional UFC fighters, professional golfers, professional boxers, and MLB players, are just some of the pro’s we have available to assist our trainers in developing your most effective program yet.


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