P90X Review

The P90X training system has been getting a lot of coverage lately.  While it has been around for some time now, like most fitness trends, it’s popularity surges and falls over a period of time.  p90X is geared towards both men and women who want to lose body fat, tone up, and “get ripped”.  Each DVD in the system features a series of exercises that must be carried out in order.  The goal of the system is to introduce “muscle confusion” to the mix.  Most people use the same, or similar workout, for months, or even years on end.  Their gains are minimal at best.  This in turn causes them to lose motivation and quit; an all too common occurence. 

P90X combats this by offering different training routines than most people are used to.  The intensity is also higher than most people are used to.  For 3-4 months, P90X seems like a great investment.  After that however, you face the same problem; performing the same routine over and over again.  P90X isn’t the be all end all.  Even training with this method will lead to plateaus (making minimal gains).  The issue now, however, is you are out $120 dollars and need to now turn somewhere else.

For the same price you can receive, not pre-recorded, but live fitness instruction from a real person on Share It Fitness.  You and your very own personal trainer will be working on your issues and goals together.  Workouts will vary week to week, which will continually confuse your muscles, keeping your gains and fat loss maximized.  Meeting via webcam with your trainer and having the ability to ask questions about an exercise or workout routine during the week are just two things P90X cannot deliver.

P90X makes a solid effort to help people get fit.  It achieves its goals on a short-term basis.  However, for long-term health and fitness, a finite set of pre-recorded workouts is not going to be the lifestyle changer you need.  A change of this magnitude requires a human touch, which Share It Fitness is prepared to offer.


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