Enhancing Overall Strength and Endurance by Introducing Aspects of MMA training

Enhancing Overall Strength and Endurance by Introducing Aspects of MMA training

By Alexia Kraus

It’s pretty obvious that the workout regiment and strength training of a mixed martial artist is gravely different than that of your average day-to-day gym goers. A MMA fighter has to build a body that can both take and outlast the punishment of the sport. This is much different than average gym goers who are usually looking for a healthy workout just to maintain their physique. However, this doesn’t mean that a MMA workout can’t fit in with the workout routine of an average person.

One of the biggest differences in a fighter’s workout routine is that it focuses on the whole body in one session rather than the different sets of muscle groups. Most people workout legs and back one day and arms and chest the other. Fighters, on the other hand, need their bodies to work as one complete unit. This is done in one session of a strength training regimen of dead lifts, squats, and chest presses. An exercise you don’t always see in the gym is jumping rope. Based on this fact, it would seem that most people don’t consider the fact that jumping rope requires all aspects of the body to be moving in order be done correctly. Mixing this exercise into a workout routine adds enormous value to your level of endurance while sharpening reflexes and reaction time.

Even things as simple as the training gear that MMA fighters use separates them from the rest of the gym pack. Fighters use MMA Training Equipment, such as MMA Training Gloves, as part of their workout while most people working out wear nothing more than old shorts and ripped shirts. This shows that not only do fighters workout differently, but they use the best equipment they can to maximize their workout and simulate the actual conditions that will exist in the ring. This doesn’t mean that average gym-goers can’t maximize their own workout. By adding aspects of the MMA fighter routine into their workout 2 or 3 times a week, an average person can build up a higher level of endurance and strength than they would normally be accustomed to achieving. This may not get them ready for the cage anytime soon, but it will definitely make their workout more effective.

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