Bikram Yoga at Home


As we all know by now, yoga is a fantastic tool to utitlize in your journey towards health and fitness.  It helps settle your mind, stretch, and tone your body.  There are a wide range of yoga varities available, however one such variety is Bikram yoga.  Bikram yoga is a special form of yoga that is practiced in a hot room with high levels of humidity.  This helps increase sweat and maximize weight loss.

Steps to performing Bikram yoga at home:

  1. Find a location in your home that can retain heat and humidity.  A bathroom or small bedroom would work best typically.
  2. If in a bathroom, turn up the shower to hot and let the room begin to steam up.  If you are in another type of room, use a humidifier and small space heater.  Using both for only 15 minutes should do the trick. 
  3. Wear warm clothing.  Long sleeves and pants tucked into socks.  Consider wearing a ski hat to retain even more heat.
  4. Put on some soothing, soft music in the background.
  5. Log on to Share It Fitness and follow along with one of 0ur live yoga classes, or 1-on-1 with your  own yoga instructor.
  6. Relax at the end of your session by laying on the floor and taking long, deep breaths of the hot, moist air.

One thought on “Bikram Yoga at Home”

  1. Bikram’s method of exercise needs comfortable type of clothing so that the heat from the body can easily absorbed.
    So when doing this at home, one should wear comfortable clothes.

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