5 Best Exercises for Bicep Size

These exercises are geared towards the individuals who are lifting for size and strength.  While size and strength are not always mutually attainable with one routine, these exercises aim to deliver both.

1.  Barbell Bicep Curl – This should be the first exercise of your bicep day.  Go heavier on this one and aim for 8 reps.  The majority of people can handle more weight on a barbell as opposed to a dumbbell, so this is ideal for adding strength.  Use a full range of motion (raise an inch from your chest, lower an inch from your upper thighs) and keep a straight back.  Far too often we see guys using too heavy a weight while doing bicep curls.  They lean forward, and back, and forward….as they struggle to lift the weight.  This is a waste.  Use good form and proper weight to notice the biggest gains.

2.  Incline Dumbbell Curls – An ideal exercise to prevent any momentum from assisting you lift the weight.  This puts full stress on the biceps, resulting in greater results.  This will require you to use a lighter weight, most likely.  Keep your back against the bench and slowly raise and lower the weights.

3.  Cable Curls – In order to fully develop a given muscle, you need to hit the deep muscle fibers as well.  Cable curls are good at doing this because their pattern of movement is so unsteady.  The constant pull of the cable will require all of your stabilization muscles to feel the burn.  Try using a rope, straight bar, or handles when performing this move.

4. Hammer Curls – By keeping your palms facing in throughout the whole movement, you place stress on a different set of muscle fibers in the bicep.  The muscle that is between the bicep and tricep comes into play here.  This is great at adding size and building strength in an often over-looked aspect of the arm.

5.  Concentration Curls – The classic bodybuilder move.  These are performed sitting down, with your elbow just above your knee.  These are sure to surge huge growth in your biceps.  The nature of the exercise places a great deal of stress on the bicep and removes the aspect of momentum.  Try using this one at the end of your workout to really finish off your biceps.


3 thoughts on “5 Best Exercises for Bicep Size”

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  2. You’ve got to include chin ups in this list. Compound exercises are great for increasing muscle mass, and chin ups are one of the best compound moves that includes the biceps.

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