Fat vs. Muscle Comparison


I must be having a fat day today; here’s yet another article on fat.  Take a look at the above image.  As it states, each is an exact replication of 5 pounds of fat and muscle.  Look at how much larger the fat is compared to the muscle.  Obviously muscle is much more dense than fat.  This example is great for everyone out there that is afraid of adding muscle because of the associated weight gain.  Ladies, don’t be afraid to hit the weights and put on some muscle. 

Look at it like this: two women standing side by side both weigh 140 pounds.  One has 40% body fat, the other has 18% body fat.  Despite weighing the same amount, they are going to be totally different sizes.  Fat cells are large and light, muscle cells are small and dense.  In addition, muscle cells dramatically speed up your metabolism which helps burn calories at rest.  Don’t be afraid to hit the weights when you go to the gym.  You aren’t going to get that “big, bulky look”, just a lean, defined, sexy appearance.


2 thoughts on “Fat vs. Muscle Comparison”

  1. That’s a very compelling photo you’ve included! In my experience women are the hardest to convince of the aesthetic benefits of building lean muscle. It usually motivates them to point out that adding a mere 1 pound of lean mass will burn around an additional 50 calories at rest! It’s time the WHOLE world wakes up. Lean = Healthy = Sexy. Thanks for sharing!

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