The Basics of Staying Motivated

Staying motivated is not a science.  There are three things you need to know to be successful.  These are three very simple things you must know before or during your journey towards health and fitness.

1.  Work + Results = Motivation.  Seeing results from all the hard work you put in will motivate anyone.  That being said, focus on things you enjoy doing.  If it gets you up and moving around, you will no doubt see results, which will only drive your motivation level.  Really understand the equation above.  Results are the key to motivation for 98% of people.  Focus on getting results and the motivation to work harder will be there.

2.  Motivation levels will go up and down.  So many people start a workout routine completely motivated, only to have burn out a month in.  Before you begin, recognize motivation will not always be as high as it is when you start a program.  This is normal.  Bodybuilders, athletes, the really fit guy you see walking on the beach….they all face it.  How they overcome it is what separates them from you.  If you REALLY don’t want to lift weights one day, then don’t.  Do something though, whatever it may be.  Always move the ball forward, never backwards.

3.  Avoid taking time off.  Taking time off is the kiss of death for the unmotivated and semi-motivated.  Even the very motivated may struggle after taking time off.  One day turns into two, which turns into weeks, which turns into another unfinished goal.  Do your absolute best to stick to the schedule you have set.  This doesn’t mean go everyday.  This means, if you plan on going MWF, then you go MWF.  There will be times you cannot go however.  You may get sick and working out is the last thing you want to do.  This is okay.  Just understand from the get go, getting back into the gym is going to be hard.  Unleash your mental strength by recognizing the hurdles ahead, but keep telling yourself why you decided to undertake this workout routine in the first place.  Mental strength is key to overcoming an extended absence from the gym.  Work on it everyday.

The mind will almost always quit before the body. Train the mind and the body will follow.  Sticking to a plan is 99% mental.  Hold yourself accountable, work on your mental strength, and have goals in mind.  Look at the three basics above as the commandments to keeping yourself motivated.  By knowing and believing in them you will be setting yourself up for a great shot at success.


One thought on “The Basics of Staying Motivated”

  1. This is fantastic! I teach upwards of 15 fitness classes per week, and gym members and clients are always amazed at how motivated I must be. Then I share my secret with them — I go through peaks and valleys of motivation, and sometimes struggle, just like they do! During the down phases, we just have to promise ourselves that we’ll keep on moving, doing anything, and we’ll be successful.

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