Share It Fitness Pro Bio – Lindsay Ek

Share It Fitness is pleased to introduce registered dietitian Lindsay Ek to the team.  We are building a solid team of registered dietitians to suit all of your anticipated needs.  Let us know what your background and goals are, and not only will we have a registered dietitian for you, but a registered dietitian that specializes in your specific issues and goals.

From Lindsay:

Are you ready to find a balance between nutrition, health and the rest of your life?  Tired of diets and weight loss products that just don’t work?  As a registered dietitian, I am here to guide you towards health using a non-diet approach that fits your needs and lifestyle.  This is your chance to have convenient and affordable access to nutrition advice and support from a trained, credentialed professional.  Whether you are a college student struggling to maintain healthy habits or a parent striving to provide balanced meals for your family, I can provide you with sound guidance to reduce nutritional challenges and move forward towards a healthier you.


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