Make cardio enjoyable

With the warm weather approaching, we’re going to take a look at ways to mix up your cardio routine.  Simply running or using an elliptical machine multiple times a week is going to sap even the most discipline of their motivation, sooner or later.

Try these 10 ideas for some fun ways to keep getting your cardio, while enjoying the outdoors.

1.  Running Stairs – Fantastic for the glutes, hamstrings, and calves.  High intensity.

2. Rollerblading – Similar to running in terms of calories burned.  Most would agree more enjoyable, however.

3.  Swimming – Start with 15 minutes of straight swimming, add 5 minutes per week until you swim for 45 minutes straight.

4.  Hiking – Great for those who simply hate running.  Use hike poles to up the caloric expenditure.

5.  Running on the beach – Running barefoot on the beach is sure to make you sore the next day.  Highly taxing on the body.  Plus, you get a great view your entire run.

6.  Uphill running – Great for doing interval training.  Sprint to the top, walk to the bottom.  Repeat.

7.  Kayaking/Canoeing – A fun activity that really works the upper body while providing great caloric expenditure.

8.  Biking – One of the best forms of cardio out there.  Distance biking allows you to see the country around you while getting a great workout.

9.  Basketball – Pickup games are found everywhere, just join in.  Won’t even seem like doing cardio once you start playing.

10.  Tennis – Fantastic exercise given the nature of the sport.  Lots of hard sprints, stopping on a dime, and sprinting the opposite way.


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