Learn a New Sport

Many people shy away from learning or trying something new because it is foreign to them, they lack confidence, and are intimidated to step out there with more experienced individuals.  This is a shame because there are so many ways we can keep our bodies and mind healthy.  Optimum health and fitness doesn’t mean running countless miles a week or spending hours each day in the weight room.  While those aid in overall healthy, simply picking up a new sport or activity can provide a fresh new take on your health.  Learn to play disc golf, take up mountain biking, hone your basketball skills….live a little! 

Your body is capable of so many things, it is up to you to fully challenge it everyday.  No matter what sport or activity you might be interested in trying, Share It Fitness has an expert in that field who is happily willing to help you get over the initial learning curve.  Meet with your very own sport expert to learn the fundamentals, what equipment to buy, where to compete, and which sport-specific exercises to use to maximize performance.  Our goal is to make the wide world of sport more accessible to everyone.  We want to eliminate the learning curve and intimidation factor so you actually look like you know what you are doing when you get out there. 

Studies have shown learning a new skill or sport is extremely important for maintaining physical as well as emotional health.  Depression, stress, and anxiety are all significantly less in individuals who constantly challenge their bodies and minds with something new.  Make it a goal to do something for your mind and body and challenge yourself with a new sport.

A small sample of what sport experts will be available on ShareItFitness.com

  • MMA (Mixed martial arts)
  • Disc Golf
  • Mountain Biking
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Wrestling
  • Surfing

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