Share It Fitness Pro Bio – Zach Ninteman

Share It Fitness welcomes Zach to the team this week.  Zach is interesting in that his background combines personal training as well as exercise and sport psychology.  Zach can really help you address your lack of motivation, stresses, etc. that keep you from working out from a mental standpoint.  Glad to have him working with us!

From Zach:

Being an athlete most of my life, I developed a love for sports, fitness and nutrition. This love made it an easy choice for me to pursue a degree in Kinesiology with emphasis in Fitness Health and Nutrition from San Diego State University. Currently, I am working on obtaining a masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotions, with a core emphasis in Exercise and Sport Psychology. Throughout my education, I have come to realize that in order to achieve optimal health, you need to look at every aspect of your lifestyle and change those aspects that need to change. Physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health and mental health all play a role with a healthy lifestyle.  I want to help you find those aspects that need changing and help you live the best life you can. Outside of health and fitness, I am San Diego boy at heart.. I love outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, surfing and snowboarding. I look forward to helping you out on


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