Attack your Triceps

Whether you want bigger arms, stronger arms, or leaner arms (do more cardio!) you need to pay attention to the tricep muscles.  The tricep is the muscle opposite your bicep on the backside of your arm.  Most often, the bicep is the one people pay most attention to, but believe or not, the tricep is actually larger and comprises more mass than the bicep.  That being said, you need to do exercises that really push the muscle fibers to the max.  If you want size and strength, stay away from the tricep kickbacks for the time being.  Take a look at these two moves and start working them into your tricep routine ASAP.

Close Grip Bench Press – Sometimes referred to the narrow grip bench press, this move is great for putting heavy resistance directly against your triceps.  Keep your hands about 12 inches apart and perform the movements similar to a regular bench press.

Dips – Wrap your hands around two parallel bars that are about shoulder width apart.  To begin, raise your self up so your arms are locked.  From there SLOWLY lower yourself so your elbows are bent at about a  75 degree angle.  This is one of the best moves for the tricep.  As you build strength, you will want to move on to weighted dips.  Attach a weight belt and weight around you waist and perform the same move….or just hold a dumbbell between your feet as you move up and down.


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