7 habits of highly obese people (and how to avoid them…..the habits, not the obese people)

1.  They use larger plates.  When two plates were offered, 98.6% of people with a higher BMI (I know not the best measurement) took the larger plate in a buffet line.  A larger plate will fool your brain into thinking you’re eating less than you actually are.  Use a smaller plate, get a smaller waist line.

2.  They eat while looking at food.  41.7% took seats that directly faced the buffet, as opposed to seats out of eyesight of the food.  Looking at food (not on our table) makes our body and mind less full and feel we have more work to do, i.e. eat more.  Keep food stored away and not laying out during the day.

3.  They eat with maximum efficiency.  Some buffets offer chopsticks.  The clinically obese almost always opt for forks.  Try using chopsticks around the home to slow down eating and create a feeling of fullness with less calories consumed.

4.  They clean their plates.  During the study, 94% cleaned their plates to the point of nothing being left.  Forget your Mom’s advice and leave a little food left on the plate.

5.  They chew less.  The researchers observed chewing of participants in the study.  The heaviest one-third chewed their food almost 25% less than the leanest one-third.  Slow down.  Take your time.  Chew your food.

6.  They jump right in.  The most obese people didn’t take time to observe all the items on the buffet.  They grabbed a plate and started in right away.  The leanest took their time and made a lap of the buffet.  In your day to day life, stop and think for a second before you eat.  Often times that quick craving will slowly fade away.

7.  They skip breakfast.  They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for a reason.  Skipping breakfast regularly increases your risk of obesity by 450%.  Take the time to have a healthy breakfast in the morning.  It will jump start your metabolism and leave you less hungry by lunch.


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