Benefits of Cross Training

Cross training refers to the training in different sports and disciplines to achieve heightened overall performance.  It takes the strengths of each training method and attempts to limit any inherent shortcomings by using another method to address it.  For instance, a runner could cross train effectively by running sprints, swimming, lifting weights, boxing, and bicycling.  These combination of exercises should help create a well-rounded and strong athlete.  The concept works for a variety of individuals in a variety of sports.  Even if you aren’t looking to increase sport performance, cross training is effective and advisable.  A simple cross training routine will help deliver overall health and strength. 

For your ordinary individual, try this basic cross training routine.


Bench Press

Hammer Curls

Seated Rows

Close Grip Bench

Upright rows



Row Machine


Jump Rope



Pull ups

Clap Pushups




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