Heavy Bag Training

Heavy bag training with the proper intensity will significantly work your cardiovascular system.  The nature of circling a bag, while ducking and weaving, and throwing punches is a great change of pace to your aerobic workout.  As you throw punches and really pound away at the bag, you introduce an anaerobic component to the workout.  Top tier boxers typically limit their high-intensity sessions to three-minutes.  You should aim for about 2 minutes to begin.  In conjunction, the heavy bag was created to help boxers increase their punching strength.  The muscles most frequently worked during heavy bag training are the arms, back, shoulders, waist, and chest.  Leg muscles are also used as a proper punch is generated by the lower body as well. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved Aerobic Ability
  • Improved Power
  • Improved Conditioning and Core Strength
  • Improved Boxing Technique
  • Develop Self Defense Skills
  • Reduced Stress

The benefits to heavy bag training are numerous.  It is also a great way to mix up an otherwise boring cardiovascular training routine.  Check to see if your local gym has a heavy bag you can use.  If not, heavy bags can be relatively inexpensive to purchase and don’t take up much room in your home.


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