What IS a Healthy Lifestyle?


To begin, we should first define what a healthy lifestyle is.  It’s amazing how so many people don’t even know all the components of a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle is composed of a nutritious diet, consistent physical and mental exercise, and quality social well-being.  It is not merely the abscene of illness or disease.  To fully enjoy a healthy lifestyle and all the benefits it is important to examine each factor and make a concious effort in affecting that factor for the positive.

Skip the fast food joint, go for that run, read a self-help book, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, do something selfless for another person, keep a dietary journal, take up a new sport, etc.

All these things will help build a healthy lifestyle and a positive well-being for many years to come.

Share It Fitness is looking to help each user build their own healthy lifestyle with the help our professionals and resources.  You will be able to take that new class, meet with a registered dietitian to get started on a sustainable diet, and connect with other health-minded people for discussion, support, and friendship.


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