The Planche Push-up

Have you ever looked at gymnasts and wondered how they could be so strong, yet so lean and compact?  It doesn’t take power lifts, 19 inch biceps, and dozens of supplements to realize true strength.  Few things are a better demonstration of concentrated strength than the Planche push-up.  This move is incredibly difficult to accomplish successfully, but training towards this is a noble goal. 

A good plan to work your way up to doing a Planche push-up can be found here.

Secondly, the point of all this is that there are many ways to train and condition your body that result in great strength and health. These specific methods will not make you bulky or large in appearance.  This is something many women worry about when they begin a strength training routine.  Certainly, lifting weights CAN make you large and bulky, but they don’t HAVE to make you large and bulky if you train properly.  Just take a look at the size of the man pictured above; let this reinforce  that great strength and fitness does not go hand in hand with a bulky frame.

Lastly, apologies for making you all check out a guy in his whitey tighties…I just really thought this picture, especially his form, conveyed the point best.


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