Motivation on ice…

Last night at the Olympics, the United States hockey team defeated Canada, 5-3.  This wasn’t just any regular win; the United States was 0-5-1 against the Canadians in Olympic play.  Canada was the team they weren’t supposed to beat; no one gave them a shot.  While they still have a far way to go to even make it to a medal qualifying game, the Americans pulled off the biggest upset since the Miracle on Ice. 

From a health and fitness standpoint, use their perseverance and upset victory as your motivation and determination to work as hard as you can, even when the odds are stacked against you. 

“There’s no way you can be ready to run that marathon in April.”

“No way you are going to be able to stick to this diet!”

“Good luck losing those last 10 pounds!”

The Americans were told they weren’t going to beat this powerful Canada team, but they did.  They defied the odds, and so can you.

Good, motivational read on the game last night found at


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