Don’t have to be a boxer to use their workouts…

Boxers are some of the most highly conditioned athletes on the planet.  They have very low body fat, high muscle to weight ratio, and enhanced cardio vascular endurance.  Most boxers don’t lift heavy weights to get a toned and lean look.  Follow this boxers’ routine below for a couple months and the gains you make will amaze you.

Day One:  Warm up – 5 minutes of jumping rope, 5 minutes of shadow boxing

Round 1-8: For the first 30 seconds of each round, throw jabs (single, double, and triples).  Incorporate head movements into the workout (side to side, up and down).  As the rounds progress add different types of punches into the equation (jabs, hooks, uppercuts).  Aim for 75 punches per round.

Follow this by 2 minutes of jumping rope.  20 squat jumps.  25 sit ups.  25 pushups.  1 minute of single, double, and triple jabs while holding very light weight (3-5 lbs).

Day Two:  Same as day one but instead of rounds 1-8 do the following.  A stopwatch or round timer is needed.  This is an interval training session:

Jump rope – 50 times

15 burpees

100 shadow punches

Jump rope – 50 times

25 Squat jumps

25 sit ups

Try to get this in under 3 minutes.  Continue to increase your speed as your fitness level picks up.  Repeat for a total of 8 rounds.

Rest every 3rd day, and repeat this routine for 6 weeks.


3 thoughts on “Don’t have to be a boxer to use their workouts…”

  1. I like this post. Boxing and MMA workouts are great for conditioning. The only thing I would add, is pull ups or better yet inverted bodyweight rows with elevated feet.

    Granted, when you think about punching you don’t think about your back muscles, because your back muscles are for pulling. However, you have to remember two things:
    1) your back muscles are used to quickly snap your arm back into a defensive position after a punch, furthermore the quicker you can snap your arm back the more power you will have if you use the stretch reflex to follow up with another punch immediately
    2) muscle development tries to maintain an equilibrium throughout the body, so if you don’t develop your back you are limiting your shoulders and chest

    Great post!

  2. Seriously 15 Burpees, I can do up to 8 on a good, 5 on a bad day, but once did 10 which was my goal. Other wise I love any work out that incorporates punching and/or kicks.

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