Cross Eyes

This is a Workout of the Day for endurance athletes or anyone looking to increase their stamina.

5 rounds of:

Max burpees 1:00

Max pullups 1:00

Max tuck jumps 1:00

Max jumping jacks 1:00

Max distance running 2:00


3 comments so far

  1. Chase on

    Burpees will get you!!

    My marine friend had a similar endurance training workout. Tough stuff! I think I’ll try incorporating this into my regular workout and see how it goes, cardio has always been my weak point, I’m working to change that this year.

  2. Cassandra on

    Do you do these exercises all in a row or do you do 5 sets of the 1 with a break inbetween?

    • ShareItFitness on

      Do all the exercises in a row; you’ll be workig out for 6 minutes straight. Then you take a break. Repeat this format another four times!

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