Black Diamond

Five rounds, as fast as possible:

Run 400 meters

30 box jumps, 24 inch box (or bench, or stepper, etc.)

30 Wall ball shots, 15 pound medicine ball


7 thoughts on “Black Diamond”

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  2. Hi Matt, my name is Lidiana. I am on the third week of the Total Body Blitz workout and so far I am doing very well.
    I have a concern, I am only 25 years old and I have exercised all my life, however I have noticed that everyday after I do the jump boxes my left knee hurts. It’s not an unbearable pain, however it bothers me. I would like to know if there is any other excise to substitute the jump box that I can still get the same results.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hey there Lidiana. Glad to hear you are doing well so far! I would definitely have my left knee examined if I were you. Whether its unbearable or just a lingering pain, it’s still something to have checked out. A lot of times steps can be taken to prevent things from getting worse.

      In the meantime, and if you feel able to continue without causing further injury, I would suggest avoiding any heavy plyometrics or exercises that cause pain. A good substitute for box jumps is turbo squats. Essentially body weight squats at an elevated pace. These explosive movements deliver the cardiovascular benefits of box jumps, and almost the same level of muscle fatigue. If you want a demo, head over to and sign up. We just launched our site and it’s premium memberships are still totally free for the time being. We’ve got exercise video demos, as well as hundreds of fitness classes in our OnDemand video library…a great supplement to our workout plans on the blog. Anyhow, hope that helps and let me know if you have any further questions! Thanks for following our blog.


  3. Is there something I can substitute the wall ball shots with?  I have the 15 pound medicine ball at my gym but no wall to throw it against (most of the walls are mirrored).  

    1. You’ll get nearly the same benefit by simply doing a chest pass up above your head. So instead of bouncing it off a wall, throw the ball vertically above you, catch, and sink back into your squat, then repeat. Hope that helps.


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