Sleep well, live well

Our days are typically filled with meetings, work projects, school activities, chores, exercise, family time, etc.  We have no problem putting all those things on our schedule, but the one thing we often neglect is sleep. 

We all have too much to do, so be sure to derive the greatest benefit from your time in bed,” stated Andrea Herman, director of the Better Sleep Council. “How well you sleep at night can make all the difference in how productive and stress-free you’ll be the next day, whether you’re scrubbing the bathrooms before house guests arrive or rushing to the grocery store to stock up.”

Sleep is vital for you to feel your best.  Because everyone wants to be healthy and fit, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep as often as possible.

Five tips to consider:

1) Give yourself “permission” to go to bed. As hard as it may be to put away your “to do” list, make sleep a priority. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

2) Take care of yourself. Cut back on alcohol, caffeine and smoking, all of which can make it more difficult to fall and stay asleep. Regular exercise can help relieve tension and stress.

3) Unwind early in the evening. Finish chores and run errands early in the evening so you can clear your mind and relax before bedtime.

4) Keep regular hours. Go to bed around the same time each night and wake up close to the same time each morning to keep your biological clock in check.

5) Create a restful place to sleep. Be sure your bedroom is cool, quiet and dark, and that you are sleeping on a comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation. A bed that’s too small, too soft, too hard or too old can rob you of sleep.

Whats more, studies are beginning to show that more sleep can help us control our weight.  Lose weight while you sleep may sound to good to be true, but a panel of experts says sleep may help us do just that.  Read the full article at


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