Myth Busters

Myth 1: Running on a treadmill is lower impact than running on asphalt.

Running is a high-impact activity.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on a treadmill or asphalt; it’s all the same.  For low impact activities try biking, swimming, or an elliptical machine.

Myth 2:  Doing crunches or using an ab-machine will burn belly fat.

Completely and utterly false.  So many people believe doing ab exercises will give them that six-pack they’ve always wanted.  Truth of the matter is you must burn the layer of fat covering your abdominal muscles before that six-pack becomes visible.  Focus on a healthy balance of cardio and core exercises for optimal results.

Myth 3:  If you aren’t sweating, you aren’t burning calories.

Sweating is not a necessary indicator of physical exertion.  Sweating is the bodies’ physiological response to an increase in body temperature.  It’s completely possible to burn a large number of calories without breaking a sweat.  Walking or light weight training are two great examples.

Myth 4: Machines are safer than free weights.

Not necessarily.  Machines can be set to various settings accounting for height and weight differences.  If you are working out at an awkward angle or setting, you could be doing serious harm to your body.  A coach or trainer would be a great person to decide exactly what setting a machine is best set at for you.

Myth 5: No pain, no gain.

While it is true you should expect at least a little soreness a day or two AFTER working out, you should never experience serious pain WHILE working out.  Pain while working out is an indication something is wrong and you should stop immediately.  Take a little rest, stretch it out, and resume activity.  See if the pain is persistent.  If it is, or increases, get yourself to a doctor for a check-up.


One thought on “Myth Busters”

  1. I disagree with #1. I can jog on a treadmill with no pain, while any attempt to do so outdoors on concrete results in immediate knee pain. There is definitely more “give” on a treadmill’s belt.

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